Our Major Projects

According to the age and mental level of the children, they are put in the distinctive projects. The children progress from one section to the other as they develop themselves in their mental faculties. PAWMENCAP believes that for the better development of each mentally challenged child they have to be constantly monitored by trained teachers. Hence, a teacher student ratio of 1:6 is maintained at all times. All the teachers here have trained maids (ayahs) for assistance.

Mayukha (Ray Of Hope)

Early intervention counseling to expectant mothers and parents about the precautions to be taken to prevent the birth of disabled children-is one of the main projects undertaken by the school.


This is a model-training center for special education, training & Rehabilitation Centre. This project that has been undertaken by PAWMENCAP, aims at training the mentally challenged children in self-help activities as well as in academics.


At PAWMENCAP, we believe that to improve the quality of life of mentally challenged children it is important that they become self-reliant and gain economic independence. Through the MANOCHETANA project...


The fourth project that is in the proposal stage is called Saans-a Respite Care Center for long-term residential home for Mentally Challenged Person. The Center would have technically designed training, vocational and rehabilitation facilities....

In the words of the Executive Secretary:

I, Mohammed Mushtaq Ali am the proud father of my son Mohd. Karim Ali a born multiple disabled (cerebral palsy, speech & physically disabled). Way back in 1980 he introduced me to the wonderful & amazing world of mental disability which led me to begin striing, & begin a highly determined endeavor for his ensured welfare & rehabilitation.

Counseling, educating & motivating the parents of MR persons; the registered parents association (Regd.No.1960/88); PAWMENCAP was formed basically for the early intervention, early childhood special education, training to achieve self-help skills, special education & training of number, time, monetary, measurement etc., concepts, rehabilitation through physio, speech, occupational, psycho therapies and vocational training under supervised & sheltered conditions for a near independent living of adult mentally challenged persons.

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